Embrace inclusivity in pleasure! Enhance intimate experiences for everyone with our unique Butt Plug


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Sensual Stimulation and Preparing for Intimacy!

Discover Ultimate Pleasure with Our Plug – Perfect for Sensual Stimulation and Preparing for Intimacy! Unlike traditional sex toys, our joy toy is expertly crafted to stay securely in place, enhancing the pleasure of your sexual play.

🌟 Sensual Stimulation: Dive into a world of heightened pleasure as you are stimulated and prepared for an intimate experience like never before. This unique design focuses on providing a thrilling and satisfying sensation.

💫 Tailored for Extended Use: Unlike other toys, our plug is designed to remain in place during sexual play, ensuring continuous pleasure. The strategically placed tip targets the female G-spot and the male prostate, unlocking new dimensions of satisfaction.

👭👬 For All Genders: Embrace inclusivity in pleasure! Our plug caters to all genders, enhancing intimate experiences for everyone. Explore the potential for shared pleasure or indulge in solo bliss with confidence.

🌈 Select the Perfect Lubricant: Amplify your pleasure by selecting the right lubricant for your needs. The packaging provides guidance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience every time.

💦 Lubricate for Comfort: Readily enhance your comfort with the appropriate lubricant. The thoughtful design of our plug ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience, setting the stage for intimate moments.

Elevate your pleasure with our Plug – a reliable companion for exploration and satisfaction. Experience the thrill of heightened sensations and prepare for unforgettable intimacy. Unlock Yourself! Shop Now!

Additional information

Sexually Suggestive


Obscene Picture


Model Number





Medical Silicone

Commodity Quality Certification

3C, ce

Brand Name



Mainland China

Number of Pieces

One Unit



Item Type


Function 1

prostate massager

Function 2

anal plug men

Function 3

butt plug men

Function 4

testis massage

Function 5

perinuem stimulator

Function 6

scrotum massager

Function 7

anal vibrator for men


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