Warmth and Freshness Unleashed with a Wipe Warmer Wet Box



Introducing the solution to those chilly wipe woes! Say goodbye to discomfort after your intimate moments both you and your partner. With a wipe warmer, ensure each wipe feels soothingly warm, making the experience more pleasant and relaxing.

Compact and convenient, the wipe warmer is a tabletop appliance equipped with a gentle heating mechanism designed to hold a stash of wipes. Its heating element ensures the wipes are warmed to a comfortable temperature, offering a cozy touch to your delicate skin. Some models employ radiant heat, while others use water to create gentle steam heat.

This is the right wipe warmer for a happier, more contented experience—it’s the perfect touch for a happy ending to those intimate moments! Unlock Yourself! Shop Now!

Additional information

Weight 0.106 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 5 in

Virgin Wood Pulp


Mainland China


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